KENYA – Glacier Products Limited, one of Kenya’s leading dairy processors and owner of the Dairyland brand, has announced plans to expand its operations to Tilisi, a mixed-use, master-planned development in Limuru, Kenya.

In a LinkedIn post, the company announced that it acquired land and began constructing a new office space in Tilisi, signifying Glacier Products’ continued commitment to growth and better serving its clients.

“Our current location in the Industrial Area has served us well, but these new offices will provide us with the space and resources we need to take Dairyland to the next level,” the post stated.

“We’re excited about this expansion’s opportunities and look forward to welcoming you to our new home soon.”

Glacier Products was founded in 1979 as an ice cream manufacturer and was acquired by its current owners in 1995.

The company’s turnover is approximately US$10 million. It produces mass-market ice cream, tablet chocolate (including cooking chocolate), chocolate spread, and whipping cream.

Additionally, Glacier Products has a licensing agreement with Warner Bros for branded ice creams featuring Warner Bros characters. The company entered the chocolate market in 2015 with a factory in Kikuyu, northwest of Nairobi.

Dairyland-branded products are distributed in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

In a previous interview, the company noted that the Kenyan ice cream market is promising, with more than ten other ice cream makers operating in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The story of Glacier Products began in 1979 with a small ice cream company on Pemba Street, Nairobi, during a time when technology, storage facilities, and space were limited. Packaging options were also restricted, making brand differentiation challenging, and market access was limited both in Nairobi and upcountry.

“When I came back from the United Kingdom, the original business was up for sale,” said Dipam, one of the company’s current owners.

“The family decided to venture out of our traditional business, which was in garments. We bought this company as a going concern in 1995 and have been running it since then.”

From a small firm with a small office, two distribution vans, and a staff of just 20 people, Glacier Products has grown phenomenally.

The company now operates an ultra-modern ice cream factory and a chocolate factory and has achieved numerous milestones, allowing it to excel in the market.

“We embarked on a journey from a turnover of US$100,000 at the takeover per year to current figures above US$10 million. It wasn’t easy at the onset; it was a struggle selling ice cream through vendors using push-carts at a time when the cold chain was not as big,” Dipam reflected.

 Last year, the company launched the first-ever Kenyan vegan ice cream under Dairyland Dairy-Free Vegan Ice Cream.

According to the dairy processor, the product caters to the growing lactose-intolerant consumers and aligns with the global shift towards health, wellness, and environmental awareness.

“Our Vegan Ice Cream is a game-changer for individuals who are lactose intolerant. They can now indulge in their favorite frozen dessert without limitations,” said Milan Kabata, the company’s Head of Marketing.

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