TANZANIA – Galaxy Foods, a Tanzanian manufacturer of both dairy and non-dairy products, has launched fortified yogurt under the brand name, “Kilimanjaro Fresh”.

The yogurt, produced with product innovation support from Arla Foods Ingredients and value-adding ingredients provided by Promaco, aims to offer essential nutrients to low-income consumers, especially children.

In addition, the product launch was part of an initiative spearheaded by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in collaboration with various public and private partners.

The product, enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, aims to improve children’s health and nutrition, enhancing cognitive function, reducing illness, and enhancing productivity throughout their lives.

The project drew inspiration from similar successful initiatives in Ethiopia and Pakistan, with representatives from these countries sharing their experiences during a knowledge exchange trip to Denmark facilitated by GAIN.

GAIN provided nutrition expertise and partnership coordination, with the project being funded by Dena Business Development Partnerships.

Danish Industries contributed principles of responsible business conduct as part of the collaborative effort that involved several key stakeholders. 

At the same time, the Tanzania Dairy Board and Tanzania Bureau of Standards played a crucial role in developing and approving the standards for the fortified yogurt.

In 2021, GAIN invited various stakeholders to participate in the “GAIN Access to Better Dairy” project, focusing on reducing waste, improving hygiene practices, increasing productivity, and creating new revenue streams through product innovation.

This collaboration led to the development and launch of the fortified yogurt, officially introduced on December 20, 2023, during an event attended by school children, government officials, and various stakeholders.

In addition to developing fortified yogurt, the project established a national standard for fortified dairy products, currently under public review.

The Ministry of Health guided the nutritional gaps and needs of the target age group, ensuring the fortified yogurt meets the necessary micronutrient requirements.

The introduction of this fortified yogurt represents a comprehensive effort to tackle malnutrition in Tanzania by leveraging public-private partnerships, innovation, and international collaboration.

The successful implementation of this project is expected to pave the way for further advancements in improving child nutrition and health across the country.

This launch comes in response to alarming malnutrition statistics reported in 2019 when 25% of Tanzanian school-aged children and adolescents were stunted, 11% were underweight, and 5% were overweight or obese.

Furthermore, according to GAIN, nearly 40% of those who underwent blood tests were found to be anemic, with a particularly high prevalence of anemia (57%) among adolescents aged 15 to 19.

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