KENYA – Brookside, a leading milk processor, has announced plans to improve its sustainability-linked investments in the dairy value chain by partnering with farmers to boost its product’s safety and nutrition standards.

According to Emmanuel Kabaki, Brookside’s General Manager for Milk Procurement, the processor is adopting environmentally friendly technologies to promote sustainable milk production nationwide.

The initiatives include incorporating sustainable agronomic practices, such as agroforestry, and using biogas as a clean energy source to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are integrating the sustainability principle across all our operations, from farms to points of sale. This includes environmentally conscious land resource utilization, which is key to fostering a robust dairy enterprise that accelerates economic prosperity for our farmers,” he said.

In addition, Kabaki commended the government for implementing robust programs that encourage the growth and development of the dairy subsector in the region, 

 “We shall continue partnering with the county government of Nakuru to ensure that dairy becomes fully commercialized in the area for better economic outcomes for our farmers,” he said, highlighting that Brookside is also promoting the adoption of solar energy on farms to reduce carbon footprints.

Speaking at the Nakuru County Dairy Value Chain Exhibition in Keringet, Kuresoi South Sub County, Kabaki emphasized Brookside’s efforts to train farmers to optimize animal feeding practices for sustainable milk production through fodder demonstration plots at raw milk bulking stations.

 “Farmers across the country benefit from regular fodder establishment training through our dairy training courses held across all milk production sheds. We are partnering with our raw milk suppliers to increase tree cover in all collection areas,” he added.

Previously, Brookside launched an initiative encouraging farmers to plant trees on their dairy farms to combat climate change.

Kabaki mentioned that the agroforestry initiative involves contracted dairy farmers planting trees on their farms.

The company engages farmers and other stakeholders in initiatives to mitigate climate change effects and promote environmental conservation.

“The country’s dairy sub-sector is largely dependent on rainfall. New challenges brought about by climate change mean we have to invest in smart initiatives, such as agroforestry, continuously,” he explained.

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