ISRAEL – Yotvata Dairy has revealed a substantial investment in the Israeli biopharmaceutical company Mileutis, affirming its dedication to advancing sustainability and improving milk quality across its operations.

As part of the partnership, Yotvata Dairy Farm will implement Mileutis’s pioneering Imilac therapy, targeting the elimination of antibiotics in dairy production.

The initiative is anticipated to transform practices not only at Yotvata Dairy but also at other farms that supply milk to the company.

A key aspect of this partnership involves the introduction of an advanced management system for dairy farms, designed to oversee commercial operations without the routine use of antibiotics during dry periods and lactation.

This approach aligns with Mileutis’s goal of moving the dairy industry away from conventional antibiotic dependence towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The partnership is built on a successful clinical trial of Mileutis’s flagship product, Imilac, which demonstrated its effectiveness in replacing antibiotics in dairy cows during dry-off periods.

Conducted across seven major Israeli dairy farms and involving over 500 cows, the trial showed not only the potential to eliminate routine antibiotic use but also the ability to enhance milk quality and increase yield.

Mileutis’s therapies, including Imilac and Milac, are leading the charge in sustainable dairy practices. These products are designed to increase milk yield per cow, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the carbon footprint per kilogram of milk.

Furthermore, they aim to significantly reduce antibiotic use in dairy farming, a crucial step given that livestock accounts for approximately 70% of global antibiotic consumption.

Clinical trials have also indicated that Imilac improves the comfort and welfare of dairy cows, which is a primary concern for both Yotvata and Mileutis.

Additionally, these therapies boost farmer profitability and contribute to economic access to nutritious food through better milk quality and yield. The technology used in these products ensures that the milk produced is residue-free, thereby enhancing the quality of dairy products.

Mileutis is preparing to launch this therapy on the global dairy market, with projected annual revenues surpassing US$1 billion. The residue-free peptide developed by Mileutis addresses increasing global concerns regarding milk quality and sustainability.

David Javier Iscovich, CEO and co-founder of Mileutis, expressed his excitement about promoting sustainability in the dairy sector.

 “Our partnership with Yotvata represents a significant advancement towards a sustainable future for the dairy industry,” he stated.

Ram Srugo, CEO of Yotvata Dairy from the Strauss Group, also emphasized the partnership’s benefits: “Collaborating with Mileutis will greatly enhance cow welfare and help us achieve critical sustainability objectives. This initiative not only boosts milk quality and yield but also reinforces our commitment to environmental protection and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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