ENGLAND – Abel & Cole, a pioneer in sustainable grocery delivery services, has embarked on a remarkable journey towards transforming the dairy industry’s approach to packaging.

Plastic pollution has long been a pressing issue for consumers, prompting Abel & Cole to take proactive steps towards sustainability.

In a bid to address growing concerns about plastic waste and environmental sustainability, the company has introduced innovative solutions aimed at enhancing milk packaging practices.

Recognizing the need for change, Hugo Lynch, the company’s sustainability lead, highlighted the imperative of finding a viable alternative to single-use plastic.

“We were committed to reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint while maintaining the highest standards of product quality,” he said.

Driven by this commitment, Abel & Cole undertook extensive research to identify the most environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Surprisingly, polypropylene (PP) emerged as the frontrunner, outperforming traditional options like glass and aseptic cartons in terms of sustainability.

Lynch expressed his astonishment at the findings, stating, “We were initially taken aback by the superior environmental credentials of PP plastic compared to other materials.”

Drawing on these insights, Abel & Cole launched its Club Zero Refillable Milk scheme, introducing refillable PP bottles to its product lineup.

The initiative marked a notable milestone in the company’s sustainability journey, receiving widespread appreciation from environmentally conscious consumers.

“The overwhelmingly positive response from our customers reaffirms the growing demand for sustainable packaging options.” Lynch noted, hailing the scheme’s success.

He added that, since its inception, Club Zero Refillable Milk has made significant strides in reducing single-use plastic consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

“To date, we have reused 336,000 milk bottles, saving 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions—a testament to the effectiveness of refillable packaging solutions,” Lynch stated.

Looking ahead, Abel & Cole remains committed to driving further innovation and collaboration within the dairy industry.

“We are continuously exploring new opportunities to enhance our environmental performance and promote sustainable practices across the supply chain.”

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