SOUTH AFRICA – Danone Southern Africa has recently had the company’s commercial leadership join forces with the Cape Town sales team to drive energy and execution excellence in implementing innovations across Traditional and Modern Trade channels.

Bradley Mc Dougall Carlos, Commercial Director at the company, acknowledged the major role of consumer centricity in Danone’s operations, highlighting the importance of such interactions in enhancing service delivery.

Consumer centricity is one of Danone Southern Africa’s key must-wins, and having these interactions allows us to serve even better.”

Meanwhile, reflecting on Danone’s sustainability journey, which began over five decades ago with Chairman Antoine Riboud’s visionary stance on corporate responsibility, the company remains committed to its dual economic and social project.

According to documentation from the multinational dairy company, this project shows the belief that long-term economic performance is intrinsically linked to positive societal impact.

“Danone’s mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible serves as the cornerstone of its ethos.”

In addition, aligning with this mission, Danone embarked on a journey to become a B Corp globally, embedding its purpose into the company’s governance and decision-making processes.

In March 2022, Danone unveiled its strategic plan, Renew Danone, aimed at redefining its growth model sustainably which was seen by the realignment of purpose and performance, ensuring a holistic approach to profitability and societal impact.

As part of its renewed commitment to sustainability, Danone reframed its sustainability roadmap, known as the Danone Impact Journey, in February 2023.

The journey revolved around three key pillars: Health, Nature, and People & Communities. Each pillar is accompanied by a set of priorities translated into mid to long-term objectives.

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