KENYA – A delegation from Meru Central Co-operative Union Limited, accompanied by officials from the Kenya Dairy Board, recently concluded a significant visit to India’s dairy industry hub.

Led by Chairman M’ikiara Simon Kiruja, the delegation engaged in a week-long exploration and dialogue aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The delegation delved into NDDB’s rich history and ongoing projects, immersing themselves in the ‘Parikrama’ display gallery and touring the Amul Dairy plant.

From innovative manure management systems to solar pump irrigation, the delegation witnessed firsthand the sustainable practices driving India’s dairy sector.

Their engagement extended to IDMC Ltd, where they explored cutting-edge manufacturing facilities for dairy farm equipment and flexible packaging solutions.

The delegation expressed admiration for the technological advancements showcased, recognizing the potential for synergies between Indian expertise and Kenya’s dairy industry needs.

Strategic discussions with NDDB officials, including Chairman Dr. Meenesh C Shah and Executive Directors Shri S Rajeev and Shri S Regupathi, underscored the shared vision for collaboration.

Topics ranged from digitalization and breed improvement to training and sustainable packaging solutions. The delegation sought guidance on various fronts, emphasizing the desire to leverage Indian expertise in transforming Kenya’s dairy sector.

Dr. Meenesh Shah reiterated NDDB’s commitment to lead collaborative efforts between India and Kenya.

He highlighted the strategic opportunity presented by aligning goals in dairy development, emphasizing the potential for a Kenya-India partnership to drive transformative change in the sector.

In addition, the delegation also included a tour of Amul Dairy’s state-of-the-art facilities, where they were impressed by the advanced machinery provided by IDMC Limited..

In conclusion, the week-long exchange of knowledge and experiences laid the groundwork for a promising future of collaboration between Kenya and India in the dairy industry.

By leveraging expertise, innovation, and strategic partnerships, both nations aim to foster sustainable growth and development, benefiting farmers and consumers alike.

The visit not only strengthened ties between the two countries but also highlighted the shared commitment to harnessing the power of dairy as a tool for economic development and prosperity.

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