SOUTH AFRICA – Fair Cape Dairies, a South African dairy renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical dairy farming practices, has once again emerged a winner at the 2024 South African Dairy Championships.

The 2024 edition of the competition observed Fair Cape Dairies securing several victories across various categories, reaffirming its position as a champion of high-quality dairy products in South Africa.

This accomplishment for this year signified the fifth consecutive year that Fair Cape Dairies has attained the top position at the Championships, emphasizing the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

Louis Loubser, Chief Marketing Officer of Fair Cape Dairies, expressed immense pride in the team’s dedication and passion, attributing the success to their unwavering commitment to ethical farming practices and the production of premium-quality dairy products.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and passion, reflected in these awards; Our commitment to ethical farming practices and producing the highest quality dairy products continues to be recognized and this is testament to our devotion to our values,” he said.

“Fair Cape Dairies offers an extensive range of award-winning dairy products, including milk, yogurt, drinking yogurt, and delightful desserts.”

In addition, he noted that the company’s comprehensive approach to dairy production, characterized by ethical and sustainable farming practices, resonates with consumers and industry experts alike.

“From employing solar-powered milk production to promoting responsible water usage and utilizing recyclable packaging, Fair Cape Dairies demonstrates a dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.”

On the other hand, Melt Loubser, CEO of Fair Cape Dairies, stressed that winning these awards surpasses mere product recognition; it underscores the dedication and innovation that pervades every aspect of the company’s operations, from farm to table.

He added that Fair Cape Dairies remains steadfast in its commitment to doing the right thing, a principle that resonates with both consumers and industry insiders.

Alongside the prestigious South African Dairy Championships, Fair Cape Dairies has received accolades for its longevity, production, and fertility.

Johannes Loubser, Director of Farming Operations, highlighted longevity as a fundamental aspect of production at Fair Cape’s dairy farms, underscoring the company’s dedication to sustainable agricultural practices.

From its humble beginnings in 1955 to its current status as a leading dairy brand, Fair Cape Dairies continues to innovate and evolve, adding value to the dairy industry while remaining true to its core values of quality, sustainability, and community engagement.”

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