CANADA – Starbucks Canada and Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) have announced a new collaborative effort to promote sustainability within the dairy sector.

Starbucks has pledged CAD 500,000 (approximately US$364,426) to support dairy sustainability-focused projects throughout the year, recognizing the ongoing efforts of Canadian dairy farmers on their journey towards net-zero emissions.

The partnership encompasses three projects, with the first already underway in collaboration with Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and Lactanet for FCC’s Dairy Sustainability Incentive program.

This initiative rewards farmers adopting environmental best practices, offering annual incentives to FCC customers meeting specific criteria.

Starbucks will provide additional funding to the FCC program in two new categories, recognizing the sustainability achievements of Canadian dairy farmers.

David Wiens, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada, expressed gratitude for Starbucks’ support, emphasizing its role in acknowledging farmers’ environmental commitment and highlighting the importance of sustainability in food production.

 “The support of Starbucks will help recognise more farmers’ commitment to environmental management and show Canadians that sustainability begins with the people producing their food,” he said.

“When farmers set out to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we knew we would not go it alone. DFC welcomes Starbucks as they join us on this leg of the journey.”

Lori Digulla, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for Starbucks Canada, reiterated Starbucks’ commitment to fostering sustainability and collaborating with stakeholders to source dairy responsibly.

She emphasized the partnership’s goal of combining expertise and resources to ensure a sustainable future for dairy farming in Canada.

Dairy holds a significant place in Starbucks’ menu offerings, and the company’s collaboration with DFC reflects its broader sustainability efforts.

Last week, Starbucks joined the Environmental Defense Fund’s global Dairy Methane Action Alliance, aligning with other industry leaders to address methane emissions in dairy supply chains.

By participating in the alliance, Starbucks commits to disclosing methane emissions within its dairy supply chain and developing a methane action plan by the end of 2024.

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