SOUTH AFRICA – South African consumers have a new dairy alternative to consider, as Mwah! Barley Milk makes its debut on supermarket shelves.

Marketed as a locally-made, plant-based milk option, Mwah! aims to cater to the rising demand for dairy alternatives in South Africa.

According to Sean Willard, the founder and CEO of Mwah!, his enthusiasm for introducing a product that reflects the essence of South Africa.

“Mwah! Barley Milk is a delicious taste of South Africa in every sip, and we’re excited to bring a healthy and sustainable dairy alternative to our fellow South Africans,” Willard said, highlighting the brand’s commitment to local sourcing and production.

In addition, he noted that, the launch of Mwah! Barley Milk aligns with current consumer trends, particularly the growing interest in dairy alternatives and the prevalence of lactose intolerance in South Africa.

Willard addressed the new product as a groundbreaking solution to address this issue while offering consumers a product that delivers taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Made from the finest barley grains and cold-pressed, extra virgin, high oleic acid sunflower oil, Mwah! Barley Milk is positioned as a versatile option suitable for various culinary uses,” he noted.

“Moreover, Mwah! Barley Milk has garnered certifications from Kosher, Halaal, and vegan organizations, as well as endorsement from the Heart and Stroke Foundation eating plan, ensuring its accessibility to a wide range of consumers.”

The availability of Mwah! Barley Milk comes at a time when plant-based milk options are gaining traction globally.

With 75% of the world’s adult population identified as lactose intolerant and increasing awareness of environmental and ethical concerns associated with dairy production, plant milk has become a top-selling product in the vegetarian sector.

According to local research by Storhaug et al,  lactose intolerance in South Africa affects a significant portion of the population, with an astonishing 81% prevalence rate.

Furthermore, the environmental benefits of choosing plant milk over conventional cow’s milk cannot be overlooked.

According to the ProVeg Plant Milk Report, opting for plant milk options can significantly reduce water consumption, making it a more sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

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