AUSTRALIA – Else Nutrition, an Israeli company specializing in plant-based infant and toddler formulas, has made its debut in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with the launch of its products in Australia.

According to the nutrition company, the launch marks an important step in the company’s global expansion strategy, particularly in a region poised for significant growth in the baby, infant, and toddler food market.

The products introduced in Australia include a stage 2 follow-on formula for infants aged six to 12 months and a stage 3 toddler drink for children aged 12 to 36 months.

“These formulations are uniquely crafted using almond, buckwheat, and tapioca as key ingredients, catering to infants and toddlers who may have dietary sensitivities or preferences that require soy-free options.”

Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO and co-founder of Else Nutrition, emphasized the strategic importance of Australia as the company’s entry point into the APAC market.

“Australia stands out as a well-educated market with a strong awareness of the nutritional benefits associated with plant-based products, particularly in the context of infant nutrition,” he said.

Yitzhak acknowledged the challenges posed by varying perceptions of plant-based infant nutrition across different APAC countries, highlighting Australia’s progressive stance compared to others in the region.

He revealed that the company aims to address the need for education and awareness to capitalize on the significant growth potential offered by APAC markets.

The other APAC countries perceive plant-based as something that is not necessarily complete in nutrition, and not necessarily representative of infant formula, so there is a lot of education required, which is another challenge, but the potential is huge.”

The APAC region’s baby, infant, and toddler food market is projected to experience substantial growth, presenting Else Nutrition with significant opportunities for expansion and market penetration

Citing data from Research and Markets, Hamutal said that APAC’s baby, infant, and toddler food market was expected to grow from an estimated market size of US$50bn in 2021 to over US$75bn in 2028, making the region a “big opportunity” for Else Nutrition.

Yitzhak emphasized Else Nutrition’s unique processing methods, which avoid chemical processing and utilize mechanical and enzymatic techniques to maintain the integrity of whole food ingredients.

“There’s competition in the US, Canada, especially in the US where you will find some plant-based options but none of them is an infant formula,” he said.

“Second is the fact that our processing method is so different as compared to the rest of the industry. This is because we are not using isolated proteins, we are not using fractions or derivatives of ingredients which are ultra- and highly-processed.”

This approach aligns with the growing demand for cleaner, healthier options among parents seeking better-for-you products for their children.

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