SOUTH AFRICA – Nampak Liquid Cartons, in collaboration with Woodlands Dairy, has introduced South Africa’s first tethered cap carton, designed to tackle the issue of plastic pollution by preventing cap detachment during recycling.

The new packaging will help to prevent the cap from being separated from the carton during its post-consumer journey to be recycled.

According to Raymond Dube of Nampak Liquid Cartons, there has been an increasing interest among brands in adopting sustainable packaging options to make a positive environmental impact and satisfy consumer preferences.

“Brands are always looking for new ways that they can make a sustainable difference when it comes to their products and operations,” he said.

Opting for packaging that is sustainable and ensures the quality of a product’s contents is one of the ways brands can have an impact.”

Analysts revealed that Woodlands Dairy stands at the forefront as the pioneer adopter of the tethered cap design in South Africa, in direct response to consumer demands for functional packaging that facilitates beverage storage and consumption over time.

They highlighted that the decision to embrace this innovative packaging solution underscored the company’s dedication to sustainability and meeting consumer expectations.

In addition,  Marisa Maccaferri, representing Woodlands Dairy, emphasized the significance of addressing consumer desires for sustainable products and reducing packaging waste.

Consumers and their buying power are driving change. It’s therefore important that we not only supply them with products that meet these consumer demands but also consider how we can reduce the impact of packaging waste,” Marisa Maccaferri noted.

We’re fortunate enough to work with a packaging partner like Nampak Liquid Cartons that is considering these trends and ensuring they can deliver on the promise of a packaging solution that ticks the boxes for sustainability, quality and food safety.”

Meanwhile, research from Capgemini found that more than half of people have an emotional connection with brands that are sustainable, with 64% saying that buying more sustainable products makes them happy.

When considering the functionality of packaging, research conducted by Carnelley Rangecroft Consultancy for Nampak Liquid Cartons found that 90% of South Africans would opt for a carton with a cap as opposed to one without.

The need for a functional tethered cap design that allows shoppers to close a beverage to be stored and consumed at a later date was also preferred.

Woodlands Dairy will introduce the tethered cap carton for its 2-litre milk cartons in March. Consumers can expect to see the new cartons on the shelf by the end of the month.

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