NIGERIA – Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, has given his preliminary approval to a proposal for the establishment of an ultra-modern dairy farm within the state.

The approval was granted during a meeting between Governor Otti and the management team of Blue Ribbon Limited, headed by Sir Idris Wabara, on Friday.

Governor Otti expressed his support for the initiative, highlighting its potential to drive economic development in the state.

He emphasized that the traditional practice of roaming the streets with cows is outdated and incompatible with modern standards observed in most countries.

According to Kazie Uko, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Otti assured Blue Ribbon Limited that his administration would thoroughly examine the proposal to determine its feasibility for implementation.

Providing further details on the proposal, Wabara disclosed that the dairy farm would be established in collaboration with Afimilk, an Israeli agricultural company renowned for its expertise.

He stressed the project’s importance in bolstering Abia State’s agricultural productivity and reducing reliance on imported dairy products.

Wabara underscored the commitment of the Israeli partners to transferring knowledge and skills to local workers, thereby fostering capacity building and technological advancement in the agricultural sector.

He clarified that the initiative focuses on producing high-quality milk to meet local demand, rather than cattle rearing associated with RUGA or other schemes.

We bring in world-class cattle, we produce world-class milk,” Wabara emphasized, highlighting the project’s distinction from cattle-rearing programs.

He urged the government to support the venture by facilitating land allocation for the dairy farm.

Emphasizing the importance of nutritional security, Wabara advocated for the production and consumption of fresh milk over imported powdered alternatives.

He cited successful dairy farming projects in states like Kaduna, Ekiti, and Oyo, urging Abia State to capitalize on the opportunity for agricultural development.

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