RWANDA – Rwandese Governor, Pudence Rubingisa, has announced that the Rwf 45 billion factory, located in the Eastern Province, has commenced production at its trial phase. 

The state-of-the-art facility, constructed by Inyange Industries, boasts a daily processing capacity of 650,000 liters (about 171711.8 gal) of milk.  

It will primarily source 300,000 liters (about 79251.6 gal) from Nyagatare district, with additional supplies expected from pastoral districts such as Gicumbi and Nyabihu in the Northern and Western provinces. 

Operating in a trial phase, the factory aims to ensure the quality of its machinery and incoming supplies.  

In addition to powdered milk, it will also produce ultra-health drinking milk, a product typically manufactured in Kigali. 

This venture marks a significant development for Rwanda, as it is the first of its kind in the country, introducing powdered milk production on a large scale.  

With a longer shelf life and no refrigeration requirements, powdered milk presents logistical advantages, especially in areas with limited infrastructure. 

Pierre-Célestin Hakizimana, president of IAKIB, a dairy farmers’ cooperative in Gicumbi District, hailed the factory as a boon for local producers.  

He noted the challenges faced in finding markets for their milk and expressed optimism about the factory providing a ready market for their produce. 

We were struggling to get an additional market for our produce. This factory would be a relief for us as it will enable us to get a ready market for our produce,” he said pointing out that, overall, the cooperatives in Gicumbi District collect some 95,000 litres of milk per day.  

We were planning to increase the size of our cattle by introducing highly productive cow breeds, but we were discouraged by lack of market/factory.” 

Moreover, the introduction of the dairy powder plant is expected to boost Rwanda’s export revenues, create job opportunities, and increase tax revenues.  

By leveraging nonperishable dairy products, the country aims to enhance economic growth and support local farmers across various districts. 

With Rwanda currently processing only about 10% of its daily milk production, the new plant signifies a crucial step towards maximizing the value of the country’s dairy sector.  

Positioned in Byumba Sector of Gicumbi District, the plant holds promise for the region’s economic development and agricultural sustainability. 

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