FRANCE – Danone, a dairy industry giant, has entered the US$1 billion yogurt mix-in category with a new line of health-focused offerings under the Remix brand.

According to the dairy giant, the move aims to attract health-conscious consumers who may perceive existing mix-ins as overly indulgent.

The Remix platform will launch initially under three prominent brands in Danone’s yogurt portfolio: Oikos, Too Good & Co. (formerly Two Good), and Light + Fit.

Each brand will offer mix-ins tailored to specific nutritional needs, with Oikos emphasizing high protein content, Light + Fit focusing on low-calorie options, and Too Good & Co. prioritizing low sugar content.

Rafael Acevedo, President of Danone’s North American yogurt business, noted the consumer reluctance to purchase existing mix-in products due to health and nutritional concerns.

He assured that Danone aims to address this hesitation by providing healthier alternatives that resonate with consumer preferences.

“The Remix lineup features three mix-in flavors for each brand, such as Coco Almond Chocolate for Oikos, Strawberry Cheesecake for Light + Fit, and Blueberry Almond Oat Crisp for Too Good & Co,” he said.

“With the introduction of mix-ins featuring attributes like low sugar, high protein, or low calories, Danone seeks to attract consumers to the yogurt category while expanding consumption occasions beyond breakfast to include snacking throughout the day.”

Recognizing the growing trend of snacking among Americans, Danone positions Remix as a nutritious snack option to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.

Meanwhile, the company plans to extend the Remix brand across its other yogurt brands in the future.

Remix enters the market alongside other customizable yogurt products like Chobani’s Flip, which has experienced significant sales growth.

Moreover, Danone’s Remix launch coincides with the repositioning of its Too Good brand as Too Good & Co., emphasizing taste and health benefits amid expansion into new consumption occasions.

As yogurt sales continue to rise, driven by consumer demand for nutritional value and convenience, Danone remains committed to innovation to meet diverse consumer needs.

Acevedo encouraged collaboration within the yogurt category to enhance the shopping experience and explore potential opportunities beyond spoonable yogurt, such as drinkable products.

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