IRELAND – Dairygold has joined forces with the Bank of Ireland to introduce the Enviroflex loan package, aimed at supporting Dairygold Milk Suppliers in implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives on their farms.

This partnership marks another step in Dairygold’s commitment to promoting sustainability within the dairy industry and providing resources to its suppliers to reduce their farms’ environmental footprint.

Enviroflex, a sustainability-linked loan program launched in November 2023, offers discounted flexible finance to dairy farmers engaged in various sustainable practices, including milking parlour upgrades, wastewater and slurry storage facilities installation, and investment in renewable and solar technologies.

With over €2 million in loan applications already received, Enviroflex has garnered significant interest from dairy farmers seeking to enhance their environmental practices.

To be eligible for Enviroflex, applicants must be members of Dairygold Co-Operative Society Limited and participants in the Dairygold Grassroots Sustainability Programme.

They are required to provide evidence of participation in the Grassroots programme and agree to share their farm’s carbon footprint with the Bank of Ireland.

Liam O’Flaherty, General Manager of Dairygold Agri Business, emphasized the importance of collaboration with stakeholders, including Milk Suppliers, Members, Customers, and Banks, in achieving sustainability targets and advancing the future of farming towards greater sustainability.

“This agreement with Bank of Ireland is another example of the range of supports Dairygold has introduced to enhance our Milk Suppliers farm’s sustainability,” he said.

“We will continue to work with our Milk Suppliers to make the transition to more sustainable farming easier for all involved. Working together with our stakeholders, including Milk Suppliers, Members, Customers and Banks is crucial for us to meet our sustainability targets and make the future of farming more sustainable.”

John Fitzgerald, Bank of Ireland Agri Development Manager, expressed satisfaction with the positive response to Enviroflex and highlighted its commitment to supporting the agriculture sector’s transition to lower its environmental impact.

With the Bank of Ireland being the leading lender to Ireland’s agriculture industry, the partnership with Dairygold demonstrates a shared commitment to driving sustainable practices in dairy farming.

Enviroflex aligns with Dairygold’s broader efforts to encourage best practices in dairy farming, encompassing quality milk production, financial management, and sustainability.

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