CANADA – Canada Royal Milk, a subsidiary of China’s Feihe Milk, is gearing up to introduce infant formula to the Canadian market following regulatory approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The Ontario-based company, established in 2019, has primarily focused on producing powdered milk for food manufacturers but now plans to diversify its product range to include infant formula.

According to a statement from Canada Royal Milk, the necessary approvals from Health Canada and CFIA have been obtained after nearly two years of regulatory processes.

The company’s more than 150 skilled professionals at its Kingston facility are now preparing to initiate production of the first batch of infant formula, with retail distribution anticipated nationwide by this summer.

Next steps to begin production of the first batch of infant formula have been initiated, and it is anticipated that the product will be available for retail distribution from coast-to-coast-to-coast this summer,” Canada Royal Milk said in a statement.

The decision to expand into infant formula production reflects Canada Royal Milk’s commitment to meeting the nutritional needs of Canadian families while adhering to the highest standards of safety, quality, and excellence.

“Canada Royal Milk is guided by the highest standards of safety, quality and excellence to create a made-in-Canada infant formula,” the company stated.

“Now that the necessary approvals have been obtained, Canada Royal Milk is committed to supporting the health and nourishment of families across the country.”

With the approval secured, the company aims to support the health and nourishment of families across the country through its domestically produced infant formula.

The move comes in response to previous issues with infant formula supplies in Canada, exacerbated by shortages in the US following the temporary closure of a major Abbott Nutritionals site.

By entering the domestic market, Canada Royal Milk aims to contribute to alleviating potential future supply chain disruptions and enhancing the resilience of the infant formula market in Canada.

Despite potential challenges related to consumer acceptance due to concerns about China’s food safety reputation, Canada Royal Milk remains optimistic about the prospects for its domestically produced infant formula.

The company has already initiated the process of ramping up production at its Kingston facility to meet the anticipated demand from Canadian consumers.

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