AUSTRALIA – Tasmanian dairy producer Ashgrove, in collaboration with Sea Forest, a 2023 Earthshot Prize Finalist, has unveiled the world’s first commercially available low-emission milk, Ashgrove Eco-Milk.

This pioneering product marks a substantial stride in decarbonizing the dairy industry, providing consumers with a delectable and sustainable option.

Ashgrove Eco-Milk is now accessible on the shelves of Woolworths, Coles, and IGA supermarkets throughout Tasmania.

According to a press release from the partners, retaining the full cream milk experience in taste and quality while diminishing methane emissions, Ashgrove Eco-Milk is made possible through Ashgrove’s innovative partnership with Sea Forest, a fellow Tasmanian company.

“Partnering with Ashgrove to launch the world’s first low-emission milk is a remarkable milestone for Sea Forest,” Sam Elsom, CEO of Sea Forest stated.

“This pioneering collaboration demonstrates the potential of our methane-mitigating feed product, SEAFEED, to revolutionize the dairy industry globally.”

Sea Forest’s SEAFEED, developed from Asparagopsis seaweed cultivation, has the potential to reduce methane emissions from livestock by up to 90%.

By integrating SEAFEED into their cows’ diet, Ashgrove significantly diminishes its herd’s methane footprint without compromising milk quality.

Supported by over 30 peer-reviewed studies, SEAFEED has been implemented across commercial farming and feedlots for the past three years.

In addition to Ashgrove Eco-Milk, Sea Forest has partnered with Grill’d to introduce the world’s first sustainable grass-fed beef burger.

Collaborations with Fonterra, Asahi, and MJ Bale are also underway to reduce methane emissions across various industries and product lines.

Beyond SEAFEED, Sea Forest is actively developing a range of Asparagopsis seaweed-based products targeting sectors such as nutraceuticals, bioplastics, and biofuels, providing a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

“Ashgrove is proud to be at the forefront of this global challenge, offering a solution rooted in Tasmanian innovation,” Richard Bennett, Managing Director of Ashgrove, emphasized.

“Eco-Milk embodies our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.”

Recently, Fast Company was recognized Sea Forest as one of the world’s most innovative companies and a finalist for the 2023 Earthshot Prize, highlighting the company’s dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions in the fight against climate change.


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