SWITZERLAND – DSM-Firmenich has entered into a partnership with Deloitte, aiming to transform sustainability practices across the animal protein value chain.  

This collaboration seeks to address the escalating demand for environmental responsibility by leveraging DSM-Firmenich’s Sustell life cycle assessment (LCA) platform and Deloitte’s consulting prowess. 

The partnership aims to surmount existing hurdles and empower the agri-food sector to embrace more sustainable methodologies.

Sustell, DSM-Firmenich’s innovative platform, meticulously assesses companies’ complete environmental footprint and offers actionable insights to mitigate their impact. 

Developed in collaboration with industry experts like Blonk, the platform utilizes farm-level data to simplify the complex process of measuring, validating, and enhancing animal protein sustainability in a transparent, science-based manner. 

Joint initiatives under this partnership will facilitate the exchange of sustainability data and reporting among stakeholders along the value chain.  

They will also foster dialogue and comprehension with key opinion leaders, bridging knowledge gaps and enhancing awareness of the challenges and opportunities of sustainable animal protein. 

David Nickell, Vice President of Sustainability and Business Solutions at DSM-Firmenich, hailed the partnership as a “pivotal milestone” in the company’s quest to unlock sustainability-related opportunities.  

He emphasized the transformative potential of such endeavors in revolutionizing the animal protein value chain.

Nickell expressed confidence in Deloitte’s global influence and cross-industry reach, foreseeing their collaboration amplifying efforts to drive substantive and enduring change. 

Jorg Schalekamp, Partner at Deloitte, underscored the industry-leading status of Sustell as a solution for environmental accountability.  

He highlighted Deloitte’s pivotal role in propelling adoption and maximizing the impact of solutions like Sustell.

Schalekamp affirmed the company’s commitment to delivering value across the entire supply chain, from feed to farm to fork, thereby ensuring a sustainable future for the animal protein industry. 

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