FRANCE- French dairy giant Lactalis has acquired Sequeira & Sequeira, the renowned Portuguese cheese brand owner, including its subsidiary, Lacticínios do Paiva. 

The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, marked a significant expansion for Lactalis into the Portuguese market. 

Sequeira & Sequeira, initially established as a wholesaler in 1986 in Vouzela, ventured into food production in 1992 with the acquisition of Lacticínios do Paiva, a distinguished cheesemaker with roots tracing back to 1933.  

Under the Paiva brand, the company produces a wide range of cheeses, including traditional flamengos, curados, and fresh cheese, from its Lamego plant. 

With this acquisition, Lactalis will gain control over Lacticínios do Paiva’s dairy production operations and assumes responsibility for Sequeira & Sequeira’s wholesale activities across Portugal, Mozambique, and Cape Verde.  

Additionally, approximately 270 employees from the Sequeira group will join the existing workforce of around 450 employees already employed by Lactalis in Portugal. 

“We are delighted with the coming together of these two-family businesses, driven by common values,” Miguel Romão, the general manager of Lactalis’ business in Portugal, stated, expressing enthusiasm about the merger. 

“It will enable Lactalis to develop the production and sale of local cheeses in Portugal and will therefore complement its existing offer in the country. The wholesale activity will allow us to strengthen distribution and export activities.” 

The Sequeira brothers, José Sequeira and António Sequeira, who took over their father’s business, also welcomed the agreement with Lactalis.  

“This agreement with one of the world’s leading dairy companies recognizes the hard work of all the workers of both Sequeira & Sequeira and Lacticínios do Paiva, as well as the quality of its operations and exceptional products,” they said.  

“We are sure that Lactalis will continue to develop its activities and embrace the growth opportunities that lie ahead.” 

With this acquisition, Lactalis expands its presence in Portugal, further strengthening its position as a global leader in the dairy industry while also enhancing its product offerings and distribution networks in the region. 

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