CHINA – Nestlé, a multinational food and beverage manufacturer, has introduced a new milk powder, Yiyang Wanning (怡养晚宁), in China, formulated to support sleep quality in adults aged 40 to 60.

According to the company, the product, containing a blend of mulberry leaf extract, tryptophan, vitamin B, magnesium, and zinc, aims to address the growing concern of sleep disturbances among the adult population.

“The proprietary blend in Yiyang Wanning has undergone clinical studies, revealing promising results in improving sleep onset and enhancing next-day cognitive performance,” Nestle noted in a release.

In a study done in Singapore 43 adults were enrolled in intervention phases that lasted for 14 days data revealed positive effects on sleep and mood parameters.

The intervention group, which consumed the powder blend drink containing mulberry leaf extract and tryptophan with dinner, experienced a significant reduction in the time to fall asleep by approximately 15%, compared to the control group.

While the trial did not demonstrate a significant effect on sleep efficiency, researchers assured that the supplementation could offer convenient support for better sleep quality and mood enhancement in adult populations.

Isabelle Bureau-Franz, head of R&D for the Nutrition category at Nestlé, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging scientific expertise and innovative product development to address sleep-related challenges.

“Matching the deep scientific understanding in metabolic and brain health of Nestlé Research with our expertise in product development allows us to take a pioneering approach to improve sleep quality through nutrition,” Isabelle Bureau-Franz said.

“By leveraging digital technology and wearable devices, we were able to successfully measure and evaluate participants’ glucose levels and sleep quality in the comfort of their own homes.”

In addition, utilizing digital technology and wearable devices, Nestlé conducted comprehensive evaluations of participants’ glucose levels and sleep quality, ensuring the effectiveness of the product.

Yiyang Wanning’s unique formulation incorporates nutrients known to facilitate melatonin secretion, contributing to improved sleep quality.

Mulberry leaf extract plays a vital role in regulating post-meal blood sugar levels and glycemic variation, further enhancing sleep outcomes.

Beyond China, Nestlé piloted the blend in Europe and Southeast Asia through a fruit shot format under the Nestle Goodnes brand.

According to Nestlé China, the prevalence of insomnia among Chinese adults stands at 38.2%, highlighting the urgent need for effective sleep solutions.

“Improving sleep quality and increasing sleep duration are some of the key priorities for Healthy China 2030,” Nestle China highlighted.

Nestle added that sleep disorders, including light sleeping and fatigue, can have detrimental effects on mental alertness, immunity, and overall health, emphasizing the importance of interventions like Yiyang Wanning in supporting optimal sleep quality and overall wellness.

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