INDIA – Heritage Foods Limited, a prominent player in the Indian dairy industry has inaugurated its state-of-the-art Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Milk plant in Shamirpet Mandal, Medchal District, Telangana.

The plant, equipped with the latest SIG packaging technologies will produce an exciting range of dairy products, including Milkshakes, Flavoured Lassi, Rich Cold Coffee, Refreshing Buttermilk, Whey-based Energy drink, and UHT Milk.

Leveraging SIG’s fast and flexible filling system, Heritage Foods aims to swiftly adapt to evolving market trends while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Mrs. Brahmani Nara, Executive Director of Heritage Foods Limited, emphasized the company’s dedication to expanding its Value-Added Products segment, with a particular focus on Drinkables.

She highlighted the pivotal role of innovation and distribution expansion in driving growth, expressing confidence in the new Combibloc line from SIG to facilitate a wider portfolio and cater to diverse consumer segments.

“In the Drinkables segment, growth depends on innovation and distribution expansion and the interplay between the two. This is where the new Combibloc line from SIG is going to make a difference,” she said.

“With this line, we can create a wider range of portfolio in the Drinkables, and the variable pack sizes allow us to have the same product at multiple attractive price points and open up newer consumer segments, which was not possible earlier.”

Additionally, N Bhuvaneswari, Vice-Chairperson and Managing Director of Heritage Foods reiterated the company’s core promise of delivering health and happiness to consumers.

She expressed excitement about the new product range, which encompasses various taste preferences, from sweet and indulgent milkshakes to refreshing spiced buttermilk.

Bhuvaneswari also underscored the alignment of Heritage Foods’ values with those of SIG, particularly in sustainability and convenience.

The inauguration of the UHT Milk plant comes at a propitious time for Heritage Foods, as the company recently reported a 96% surge in third-quarter profit, driven by robust demand for its dairy products.

With a consolidated profit of 269 million rupees for the quarter ended December 31, Heritage Foods continues to thrive in the evolving dairy market landscape.

Analysts at HDFC Securities have noted the increasing demand for organized dairy products in India, fueled by rising income levels and a preference for healthier options.

The company’s revenue from operations witnessed a substantial increase, reaching 9.41 billion rupees, further underscoring its growth trajectory.

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