EGYPT – Japan has allocated a grant of US$55,240 to the New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD) to aid in the establishment of a dairy facility in Balat, New Valley, Egypt.

The project entails the construction of livestock barns, a dairy factory equipped with production machinery, and training programs for the youth in Balat.

This collaboration between Japan and NHASD marks the fourth endeavour since 2008 under the Japanese Basic Human Security Assistance Project, known as KUSANONE.

This initiative aims to enhance the region’s food security, generate employment opportunities, and increase income levels.

On March 11, Japanese Ambassador to Egypt Oka Hiroshi and NHASD’s Executive Director Nady Kamel Youssef signed a grant contract for KUSANONE.

Ambassador Hiroshi expressed gratitude for the longstanding partnership and the positive impact of previous agricultural projects.

He expressed optimism that this new initiative would bring prosperity to Balat, echoing the success of previous KUSANONE projects.

Youssef, in turn, expressed appreciation for Japan’s support, highlighting the effectiveness of KUSANONE in addressing community needs comprehensively.

He commended the program’s holistic approach, considering social, economic, and environmental factors to ensure sustainable benefits.

“The KUSANONE program provides direct financial support to NGOs, focusing on local community initiatives.”

Since 1994, Japan has contributed over US$10 million to support 179 projects across various sectors in Egypt, collaborating with 129 NGOs nationwide.

These projects encompass education, healthcare, sanitation, vocational training, women’s empowerment, and support for people with disabilities.

This initiative is expected to not only improve the local economy but also empower youth through training programs, fostering sustainable development in the region.

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