SOUTH AFRICA – Woodlands Dairy, a South African dairy processor behind the First Choice brand, has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by providing essential items to underprivileged students at Mzingisi Primary School in Kwa-Nomzamo, Humansdorp.

The initiative saw the distribution of 147 pairs of school shoes and 67 backpacks, addressing the urgent needs of students facing financial constraints.

According to the company, this initiative aimed at eliminating challenges to the student’s education and enhancing their overall learning experience.

“To ensure the children stayed hydrated during the shoe drive, we provided them with 200ml Full Cream milk sachets, delivering essential nutrients for healthy growth and development,” the company said.

Earlier this year, Woodlands Dairy launched “The Truth Tastes Good” campaign aimed at demystifying sustainability across environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) realms.

The initiative aimed to communicate the company’s efforts in achieving tangible sustainability successes in clear and straightforward language.

Marisa Maccaferri, marketing executive of Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, emphasized that sustainability is at the core of the company’s business strategy and corporate values.

“It shapes every aspect of their environmental, social, and governance practices,” Maccaferri stated,

“Whether it’s adhering to the Woodlands Dairy Milk Standard, implementing the SWAN system, adopting energy-efficient manufacturing processes, or embracing eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is seamlessly woven into our operations.”

As part of its commitment to transparency, Woodlands Dairy launched a new sustainability campaign called “The Truth Tastes Good.”

“In a space cluttered with complicated terminology and statistics, our goal is to cut through the noise and present the facts in a fresh, simple, and easily understandable manner,” Maccaferri added, highlighting the importance of sharing the company’s journey with consumers.

Aimee Taylor, Brand Consultant at Hoola, elaborated on the campaign’s objective, emphasizing the aim to enlighten consumers about Woodlands Dairy’s sustainability journey and establish a meaningful connection between the company and its First Choice brand.

“It’s a palate-pleasing experience when a company is transparent and relatable about its sustainability endeavors, highlighting a commitment to excellence and high-quality products,” Taylor stated.

“The Truth Tastes Good” campaign reflects Woodlands Dairy’s dedication to transparency, sustainability, and providing consumers with honest, accurate, and straightforward information across their ESG goals.”

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