NETHERLANDS – FrieslandCampina Ingredients, a global leader in proteins and prebiotics, has unveiled Biotis DHA Flex Powders, a new range of Omega-3 supplements derived from algae.

According to the company, the microencapsulated DHA powders are aimed at enhancing brain health and are suitable for vegan and vegetarian formulations in various food, drinks, and supplements.

Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director of Performance, Active, and Medical Nutrition at FrieslandCampina Ingredients, emphasized the global low intake of omega-3s despite their recognized health benefits.

He highlighted that DHA, a key omega-3 fatty acid, is known for supporting brain, eye, and cardiovascular health.

However, Vicky revealed that traditional supplements often face challenges like fishy odor or taste, oversized capsules, and unsuitability for vegetarians.

“The Biotis DHA Flex Powder range addresses these concerns by using algae instead of fish as the primary source of omega-3s,” he noted.

“The two variants include Biotis DHA FlexP 15 for vegan formulations (with a 15% DHA load) and Biotis DHA FlexP 20, a vegetarian variant utilizing dairy proteins with a 20% DHA load.”

Davies explained the microencapsulation process, utilizing Gea Filtermat technology over 23 years, creating a protective barrier around the algae oil to shield it from oxidation.

This results in superior sensory properties, with a neutral taste and smell, great solubility, and versatility, allowing for innovative formats beyond traditional capsules.

“The addition of vitamin C in the powder matrix serves a dual purpose – as a nutrient source and an antioxidant to protect the oil from oxidation. With 4 g of vitamin C per 100 g, the product qualifies for an immune health-related claim in both Europe and the US.”

Anticipating a disruption in the omega-3 supplement market, Davies expressed the urge for health-conscious consumers, especially those with plant-based preferences, to be the primary target demographic.

He added that the inclusivity of both vegetarian and vegan options addresses the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, appealing to consumers across age groups.

“The ageing population, seeking products supporting brain health for longevity, and individuals engaged in intense cognitive activities like e-gamers and heavy screen users are also expected to show interest.”

Davies expressed confidence in the flexibility and sensory profile of Biotis DHA Flex Powders, allowing for diverse supplement formats such as gummies, fast melts, and powder sticks.

She added, that the product’s compatibility with other nutritional ingredients like proteins, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals also opens avenues for innovative formulations.

Davies said that the Biotis DHA Flex Powder range aligns with current consumer trends for convenience, providing personalized supplementation according to taste and dietary needs.

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