NIGERIA – The National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) in Nigeria has revealed its continued commitment to its collaborative project with Brazil aimed at revolutionizing the country’s dairy industry.

Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, Director-General of NABDA, provided an update on the Dairy Cattle Genomic Transformation Project, expressing optimism about its potential to enhance milk production per cow and reduce Nigeria’s reliance on milk imports.

He noted that in its third year, the project focuses on improving the genetic makeup of Nigerian dairy cattle through genomic sequencing. The initiative aims to identify and enhance desirable traits that optimize milk production.

The latest phase involves inseminating a second generation of dams, with results expected in the next six months. Prof. Mustapha emphasized the critical need for governmental support at this juncture.

He added that the collaborative effort aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s goals for food and nutrition security, showcasing Nigeria’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

The project is designed to contribute to self-sufficiency in dairy production and reduce dependency on imported milk.

Prof. Mustapha expressed confidence in surpassing Brazil’s 25-year timeline for dairy cattle transformation, setting an ambitious goal of achieving significant results within 15 to 20 years.

The project’s initial success includes the analysis of the first set of calves produced through genomic enhancements, marking a milestone in genetic improvements.

“The potential impact of the Dairy Cattle Genomic Transformation Project on Nigeria’s dairy industry is substantial. If successful, the initiative could lead to increased milk production, contributing to the nation’s food security agenda.”

The director-general envisions a future where Nigerian cows play a pivotal role in meeting the country’s nutritional milk needs.

With continued government support and funding, NABDA’s efforts hold the promise of transforming the Nigerian dairy landscape, ensuring access to affordable and nutritious milk for all citizens.


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