KENYA – Brookside Dairy Limited’s “Brookside Plus” range has become the first dairy brand to receive endorsement from the Kenya Nutritionist and Dietitian Institute.

The announcement was made on February, 27 during a ceremony attended by key figures from both the dairy industry and the nutritional field.

The endorsed products include lactose-free milk, low-fat milk, probiotic yoghurt, vitamin A and D-fortified milk, and vitamin A and fibre-enriched products.

Reza Cheboko, a Marketing Director from Brookside Dairy Limited, expressed the company’s delight at being part of the endorsement process.

Cheboko highlighted the importance of aligning with Section 36-2 of the law, emphasizing that obtaining approval from the Council was crucial to avoid committing any offences.

He further explained the active review and analysis process that Brookside underwent, stating, that now they are happy as the Council has told them that they are okay.

In addition, Dr. Okee, CEO of the Kenya Nutritionist and Dietitian Institute, spoke as a scientist and emphasized that nutrition extends beyond healthcare facilities, beginning from the field to the industry.

Caroline Muchobia, Health & Nutritionist Manager at Brookside, also shed light on the rigorous endorsement process, which took over a year and involved extensive lab testing and accreditation. S

he expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with the Kenya Nutritionists and Dietitians Association, ensuring credibility around Brookside’s products.

Brookside Dairy Limited, East Africa’s leading dairy, operates in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, boasting the largest farmers’ network, milk collection, and storage capacity in the region.

The company had previously disclosed plans to deepen investments in its product value chain to ensure sustained high-quality products.

The initiative to enhance the product value chain came on the heels of the Kenya Bureau of Standards honouring Brookside Dairy Limited for its commitment to high-quality products and food safety.

The milk processor received the Kebs Mark of Quality Excellence,  the Diamond Mark of Quality, for its milk products.

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