SOUTH AFRICA- Woolworths, a South African multinational retail company,has initiated an immediate recall of its Peanut Butter Dairy Ice Cream in response to potential health risks.

The decision comes after tests revealed higher than permissible levels of Aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxin that can pose risks to human health.

The JSE-listed retailer confirmed the recall on Feb 23, 2024, emphasizing that it exclusively pertains to the Woolworths Peanut Butter Ice Cream brand.

All other products containing peanut butter, including Woolworths’ broader range of spreads, remain safe for consumption, reassuring customers about the stringent quality standards in place.

The recall follows recent concerns about elevated Aflatoxin levels found in some South African peanut butter products. Woolworths promptly tested its own peanut butter and verified its safety for consumption.

Nevertheless, the company proactively extended its assessment to all secondary products containing peanut butter, such as biscuits, sauces, pretzels, energy bars, and ice cream, as a precautionary measure to ensure consumer safety.

It was during this comprehensive evaluation process that Woolworths discovered Aflatoxin levels exceeding the legal limit in the Peanut Butter Dairy Ice Cream.

As a result, the company has taken swift action to remove the affected product from shelves nationwide.

Meanwhile, Woolworths has urged customers who have purchased the implicated Peanut Butter Dairy Ice Cream to return it to their local stores promptly.

In addition the company assured that it will offer a full refund to affected consumers as part of its commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

According to the retailer, aflatoxins are naturally occurring substances that, must be consumed in very high quantities to become toxic to humans.

Woolworths reassured the public that this recall is isolated to the Peanut Butter Dairy Ice Cream and encouraged consumers to continue enjoying their favorite peanut butter-based products from the retailer without any concerns.

As investigations continue, Woolworths promised to remain committed to transparency and promptly addressing any potential issues to safeguard the health and trust of its customers.

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