USA – Alltech, an American nutrition company has joined forces with the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program, introducing a bilingual dairy training initiative.

The strategic collaboration aims to provide comprehensive resources to enhance expertise in cow handling and calf care, catering to the diverse workforce within the dairy industry.

According to the partners, the main aim of this collaboration is to introduce a certified training course, accessible both online and in person, delivered in both English and Spanish.

The modules of the training align with the FARM Animal Care continuing education requirements, offering dairy farm employees the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in essential areas.

Jorge Delgado, the on-farm dairy specialist overseeing Alltech’s Training, Talent Development, and Retention Program, emphasized the role of education in optimizing workforce efficiency.

“Better education and training not only bolster the workforce’s efficiency but also safeguard milk markets and assure consumers that the industry prioritizes animal welfare through rigorous worker training,” Delgado stated.

On the other hand, Emily Yeiser Stepp, the executive director of the National Dairy FARM Program, expressed gratitude for Alltech’s commitment to providing resources and training opportunities aligned with diverse Animal Care continuing education requirements.

She highlighted the importance of ongoing learning in establishing a robust support system for the execution of best management practices across the dairy industry.

The newly developed training modules by Alltech cover critical topics such as Low Stress Cow Handling, Newborn Calf Care, and Calving and Obstetrics.

Participants who successfully complete the training program will be awarded a certified diploma from Alltech, further validating their expertise and dedication to best practices in dairy farming.

Delgado underscored the importance of education for dairy employees, emphasizing that proper training not only improves skills but also reduces errors and mitigates actions based on misinformation or a lack of information, regardless of experience level.

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