KENYA -Country Delight Dairy, a subsidiary of Dodla Dairy Limited, has inaugurated a new dairy plant in Nyahururu Town, Laikipia County, Kenya.

The plant, with a daily processing capacity of 100,000 liters of milk aims to expand its dairy product portfolio in the market by procuring, processing, and marketing milk and milk products through integrated cold chain facilities, ensuring farm-fresh milk from producer to consumer.

Dodla Dairy Limited, the parent company, incorporated Country Delight Dairy Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary in Kenya on November 22, 2022.

The subsidiary was established to engage in the production, processing, and distribution of milk, milk products, and other related products.

The launch of the new manufacturing plant comes on heels with the Kenyan government’s efforts to boost dairy productivity and support the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda.

The launch of the new dairy plant exemplifies the broader efforts to enhance the dairy value chain in Kenya, reduce production costs, provide robust local and international markets for dairy products, and improve the livelihoods of livestock farmers.

Country Delight Dairy’s increased processing capacity will contribute to meeting the goals outlined in the sustainability roadmap and supports the growth and development of the dairy sector in Kenya.

The Ministry of Agriculture recognizes the dairy sector as a crucial pillar, and initiatives are underway to increase dairy farmer income by doubling milk production per cow.

The Kenyan Dairy Industry Sustainability Roadmap 2023–2033, launched by the government through the Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), aims to achieve transformative goals.

These goals include doubling milk production from the current five billion liters to 10 billion liters per year, growing dairy exports to one billion liters, increasing the percentage of formally marketed milk from 30% to 50%, and raising the revenue of small-scale dairy farmers to Sh.56,000 per month.

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