AUSTRALIA – Coles, an Australian supermarket chain, has introduced the Dairy Farm Sustainability Accelerator Fund, allocating US$1.45 million in grants to support sustainability initiatives across 100 Coles dairy farms in the country.

The grants, up to US$50,000 each, aim to drive innovation and fund projects related to animal welfare, solar energy, and infrastructure improvements.

Coles General Manager Dairy, Freezer, and Convenience, Brad Gorman, emphasized the retailer’s commitment to providing opportunities for its direct-sourcing dairy farmers to invest in research and projects that enhance sustainable farming practices and foster innovation.

“There are dozens of impressive, farmer-led projects that will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil nutrients and quality, water management, biodiversity and animal welfare. We’re very excited to see the impact of these initiatives,” he said.

“We look forward to working with our farmers and learning how much of a difference these projects will make to their operations and the environment as they evolve and establish.”

The newly announced fund is part of Coles’ broader efforts to support initiatives focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving soil nutrients, water management, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

Among the grant recipients are Benjamin and Melissa Holloway, Coles dairy farmers in Victoria, who plan to use the funds to install an 80 kW solar roof system on their farm, contributing an additional 106,000 kW per year in clean, renewable energy.

Victorian Coles dairy farmers the Parkinsons, are also grant recipients and will use the funds from Coles to support the construction of a 100ML mega dam on one of their properties.

Various projects across the country have received grants, including the development and upgrade of portable shade shelters in Western Australia, the construction of a methane catchment pond in eastern Victoria, and the installation of touch screens on a farm in southwest Victoria for enhanced herd management information access.

In addition, there will be an upgrade of an open channel irrigation system which is set to save approximately 20% of water on a Western Australian farm and the installation of two additional rainwater tanks at a NSW farm, increasing fresh water supply to calf sheds and adding greater water storage capacity.

The Dairy Farm Sustainability Accelerator Fund reflects Coles’ commitment to fostering sustainable practices within its supply chain, supporting farmers in adopting environmentally friendly initiatives and driving positive change within the dairy industry.


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