USA – Biotechnology company Pureture has secured its first commercial partnership with global dairy manufacturer Namyang Dairy Products.

According to the company, the partnership is poised to revolutionize the alternative dairy market, with Namyang incorporating Pureture’s yeast-derived casein into its fully plant-based product range.

Pureture CEO Rudy Yoo expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating that it will validate the functionality of their product and encourage other consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to embrace clean labels without compromising on the quality of alternative dairy products.

Casein, a crucial milk protein found in traditional dairy products, forms a stable emulsion of fat and water in milk, providing a creamy texture in cheeses.

Pureture claims to have developed the world’s first non-GMO and entirely plant-based version of casein, sourced from yeast through a meticulous process involving fermentation, protein recovery, and emulsification.

In contrast to competitors relying on genetically modified methods, Pureture’s unique approach ensures an ingredient with comparable functionality and nutritional profile to dairy milk.

Yoo emphasized that this partnership enables brands like Namyang Dairy to champion clean labels while enhancing nutritional values in their plant-based offerings.

Following this collaboration, Pureture is finalizing a US$12 million seed round of fundraising to establish its manufacturing facility.

The company envisions offering its plant-based casein at a price point comparable to dairy milk, reinforcing the potential economic viability of sustainable alternatives.

This development comes on the heels of Pureture’s introduction of plant-based casein designed for use in dairy alternatives, such as cheese, milk, and yoghurt, in the United States.

The company’s non-GMO protein is created through a yeast culture technology, setting it apart from common plant-based caseins reliant on GMO methods.

The yeast culture process, utilizing upcycled raw materials as the primary feed source, allows Pureture to produce protein continuously, emphasizing its commitment to stability and consistent production regardless of environmental changes.

Rudy Yoo envisions Pureture’s protein playing a pivotal role not only in the alternative dairy industry but also in the broader protein industry, addressing concerns related to cost, nutrition, and application.

The company is already exploring alternative proteins for the meat and seafood industry, planning collaborations with major dairy companies and global ingredients vendors.

Pureture’s innovation aligns with the growing trend of plant-based and alternative protein solutions, offering consumers cleaner-label options while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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