KENYA – In a bid to boost dairy farming and maximize the potential of milk production, Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo has officially launched a revamped Artificial Insemination (AI) program.

The initiative aims to enhance dairy farming through the use of superior breeds, ultimately increasing the county’s milk production.

During the launch at Canaan Market in Nyamira North sub-County, Governor Nyaribo highlighted the current production figures, revealing that the county produces only 22.4 million liters of milk annually, significantly below its potential of 240 million liters.

The governor attributed this gap to the prevalence of inferior indigenous dairy breeds, with 70% of farmers relying on cows that produce a meager two to three liters of milk per day.

Governor Nyaribo outlined decisive measures to address this issue, emphasizing the need to revitalize AI and castrate inferior bulls.

Meanwhile, the county has employed twenty inseminators, strategically placing one in each ward.

The inseminators have been equipped with fully fueled and serviced motorcycles, along with semen from superior bulls. The AI services will be provided to dairy farmers at a cost of Sh500 for the first service and will be free of charge for repeat services.

Farmers were urged to report any inseminator demanding extra charges, ensuring that legal action is taken against such individuals.

Additionally, he revealed that the government is in the process of establishing a call center for dairy farmers to access real-time services.

A Livestock Breeding Unit (LBU) is also in the works to serve as a link between the County Government and farmers, promoting the AI program and supporting economic growth.

Governor Nyaribo emphasized the importance of a recently passed law to register and license superior breeding bulls in the county.

In addition, County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture, Alice Manoti, expressed gratitude to the governor for fulfilling the initiative.

She highlighted the economic challenges faced by many residents interested in dairy farming, commending the governor for implementing measures that would uplift their economic status.

Ms. Manoti stressed the need for regular health checks for dairy cows, including deworming and providing multivitamins.

She recommended the Ayrshire breed for residents, particularly in lower regions of Nyamira County, citing its efficiency in milk production with minimal food requirements.

“With agriculture contributing close to 50 percent of Nyamira County’s GDP, the revamped AI program is expected to significantly transform the livelihoods of farmers, fostering economic growth and alleviating poverty in the region.”

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