NIGERIA – The National Agency for Food and Drug Control Administration (NAFDAC) in Nigeria has sounded the alarm over the sale of counterfeit Arla Dano Full Cream Milk Powder – 14g sachets across various markets in the country.

Investigations conducted by the TG Arla Dairy Product Enterprise company, the holder of the Certificate of Registration, revealed that these fake products were openly displayed in the market, raising concerns about public health and product safety.

NAFDAC, in response, has directed its zonal directors and state coordinators to conduct thorough surveillance and initiate measures to remove the counterfeit milk powder from circulation.

The agency has issued a strong plea to distributors, retailers, and consumers to exercise extreme caution and vigilance, urging them to check the authenticity and physical condition of the product before consumption, sale, or distribution.

To encourage public participation in ensuring food safety, NAFDAC has called upon individuals to report any suspicion of the distribution and sale of counterfeit or unwholesome packaged food products to the nearest NAFDAC office.

The counterfeit milk powder issue underscored the challenges faced by regulatory bodies in maintaining the integrity of the food and beverage industry.

Meanwhile, in a separate development within the Nigerian dairy industry, Samuel Akinrimisi, the Deputy Marketing Director of CWay Food and Beverages, shared insights during the launch of the rebranded Nutri-Yo product.

Akinrimisi expressed optimism about the future of the Nigerian dairy industry, highlighting its significant growth potential.

He emphasized the need for increased investment in building capacity within the industry, emphasizing that expertise is crucial for sustained professionalism over time.

Akinrimisi stressed the importance of modern technology to revitalize the sector, focusing on infrastructure, machinery, and state-of-the-art equipment.

The launch of the Nutri-Yo product, featuring a new look and enhanced formulation with extra vitamins, signifies the company’s commitment to innovation.

The rebranding aims to cater to consumer preferences and deliver better nourishment, aligning with the company’s mission to promote the well-being of its customers.

As Nigeria addresses challenges related to counterfeit products, industry players like CWay Food and Beverages are driving positive changes through innovation, emphasizing the role of expertise and technology in shaping the future of the dairy sector.

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