KENYA – Dayton Enterprises Ltd and Tassells Farm Limited have joined forces to introduce an ambitious venture into the agricultural sector—the Ultramodern Dairy Farm Project.

Positioned to reshape the landscape of dairy farming, the project aims to blend financial expertise with agricultural expertise to create a model that transcends traditional paradigms.

Dayton Enterprises Ltd, renowned for its proficiency in asset management, export and imports, financial arrangements for overseas ventures, and real estate advisory services, brings its financial expertise to the partnership.

Meanwhile, Tassells Farm Limited, with a vision to surpass conventional dairy farming practices, contributes its knowledge and experience in the dairy farming sector.

The strategic partnership intends to establish an ultramodern dairy farm on 52,000 acres of land in Taru Ranch Ltd, within Kwale County, specifically in MacKinnon town along Mutito Adei-Mombasa Road.

According to the partners, the location was carefully selected to provide ample space for the envisioned dairy farm, which will include comprehensive support structures.

In a joint statement, the entities outlined their commitment to acquiring hybrid Friesian Holstein breed stocks while concurrently developing a local dairy breed with distinct traits.

The project also includes the establishment of a diverse commercial milk processing plant capable of producing various milk products and brands to meet the evolving needs of consumers in the market.

“The Ultramodern Dairy Farm Project goes beyond just farming; it incorporates cutting-edge facilities for animal feed and minerals manufacturing, as well as a mechanized fodder production facility to ensure a sustainable supply chain.”

Notably, a dairy farmer’s microfinance company will be established as part of the initiative, addressing the financial needs of farmers and ensuring smooth operations and working capital.

“The project places a strong emphasis on building the capacity of the dairy farming community. This involves fostering a sense of belonging, easing information dissemination, and providing overall support to the ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, investors have extended an invitation to all stakeholders, investors, and community members to join the transformative journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future in dairy farming.

“The Ultramodern Dairy Farm Project is poised to create reliable markets for processed products, ensuring a sustainable demand for the envisioned dairy products.”

As Dayton Enterprises Ltd and Tassells Farm Limited pioneer this groundbreaking venture, they envision not just a dairy farm but a holistic approach towards transforming the dairy farming landscape in Kwale County and beyond.

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