SWITZERLAND – The Global Alliance for YOUth, pioneered by Nestlé, has announced an unprecedented collaboration with the Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and Accenture.

The partnership, set to commence in 2024, aims to bolster youth innovation and provide crucial support to young change-makers.

The Global Shapers Community, established in 2011 by Klaus Schwab, Founder, and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, comprises over 10,000 inspiring individuals under the age of 30.

These young leaders collaborate across 500 city-based hubs in more than 150 countries, addressing local, regional, and global challenges through community-driven projects.

Recognizing the pivotal role young innovators play in driving positive change, Nestlé’s Global Alliance for YOUth seeks to bridge the gap between passion and practicality.

While many youth-led initiatives address pressing issues, a lack of critical support and mentorship often hinders the transformation of ideas into reality.

The private sector is increasingly recognized as a catalyst for creating economic opportunities aligned with the concerns of the younger generation.

Companies and executives are taking proactive steps to accelerate progress and expand opportunities for the next wave of leaders.

Under the new alliance, Global Shapers with groundbreaking solutions will gain access to dedicated upskilling, mentorship, funding, and storytelling support.

The focus of these solutions will span various domains, including upskilling, environmental sustainability, and building more inclusive societies.

At the recent World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2024, executives from Global Alliance for YOUth member companies, including Nestlé, convened with Young Change Makers to discuss the criteria for the forthcoming Innovation Prize.

The executives noted that the collaboration is poised to unlock exciting opportunities for youth-driven solutions that address society’s most pressing challenges.

Laurent Freixe, CEO of Zone Latin America at Nestlé and Global Alliance for YOUth Founder and Chairman, emphasized the urgency of bold and decisive actions from the private sector.

“The Global Alliance for YOUth is proud to collaborate with the Global Shapers Community to launch the Innovation Prize, a platform to reward and accelerate breakthrough solutions for youth by youth,” Freixe said.

“Having initially founded the regional Alliance for YOUth in Europe a decade ago, Nestlé’s commitment to preparing young people for the professional world has expanded globally.”

He also noted that successive launches in the Pacific Alliance countries, Mercosur countries, and the Sub-Saharan Africa region underscore Nestlé’s dedication to collaborating with the private sector to provide youth access to the knowledge and skills essential for thriving in the evolving world of work.

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