USA – Nutpods, a prominent US non-dairy coffee creamer brand, has been acquired by MPearlRock, a newly established consumer packaged goods (CPG) investment arm.

The acquisition is part of a broader strategy by MPearlRock to support high-growth, emerging CPG brands across various categories, including grocery, snacks, beverages, confectionery, and personal care.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Nutpods has gained recognition for its coffee creamers, barista oat milks, and creamy cold brews.

The acquisition by MPearlRock, a joint venture between Kroger’s PearlRock Partners and asset manager MidOcean Partners, signaled the investment firm’s commitment to driving growth in the dairy alternatives sector.

The financial terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, but MPearlRock has expressed its intention to fortify Nutpods’ position as a leader in the plant-based creamer market.

Nutpods, founded in 2013 by Madeline Haydon, has seen impressive sales growth of 30% annually over the past four years.

It currently holds the top spot for plant-based creamers in the natural retail channel and ranks second in the overall non-dairy creamer segment.

Madeline Haydon’s journey began with a search for tastier and healthier dairy-free creamers due to her lactose intolerance.

Nutpods started with an almond- and coconut-based French Vanilla creamer and has since expanded its product line to include various flavors, a half-and-half alternative, oat creamers, and barista oat milks.

“We have been following Nutpods for the past few years and have been impressed with Madeline’s vision and disciplined approach and how she built strong customer loyalty by developing and marketing a truly superior product,” MPearlRock CEO Brian Kelley stated.

He also noted that the acquisition aligns with Nutpods’ commitment to health, taste, and texture, which has contributed to its success in a market where consumer preferences are driven by factors such as these.

“The brand’s products are available in over 15,000 retail locations, making up 80% of its revenue, and are also sold online through platforms like Amazon, Thrive Market, and its direct-to-consumer marketplace.”

Despite a recent uptick, only 2.1% of total venture capital went to startups founded solely by women in 2022, according to Pitchbook data.

Madeline Haydon expressed gratitude for the support from VMG Partners, highlighting the guidance provided to navigate challenges and grow Nutpods into a formidable brand.

She sees MPearlRock, with Brian Kelley’s background in leading global consumer brands, as an ideal growth partner to expand Nutpods’ reach into new channels and product verticals.

The acquisition comes amidst a global surge in M&A activity within the plant-based sector, indicating the industry’s dynamism and potential for continued growth.

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