KENYA – The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), the First Bridge Foundation and the Homa Bay county government have collaborated to initiate a Sh25 million (US$155,279) project to enhance milk production in the county.

The project commenced with the distribution of livestock feeds and farm inputs to farmers facing the challenges of drought across 11 wards in the county.

First Bridge Foundation’s Country Director, Dr. Bernard Kocholla, highlighted that the project aims to equip farmers with the resources needed to overcome drought-related challenges.

Governor Gladys Wanga, who flagged off the distribution exercise, emphasized the dual goal of improving livestock productivity and mitigating the impact of drought in affected areas.

As part of the initiative, the distribution includes 5,000 bags (50kg each) of special animal feeds, 15,000 vaccines, and dewormers to approximately 1,500 farmers.

 The beneficiaries are from various wards within Suba North, Suba South, and Rangwe sub-counties, including Lambwe, Kosewe, Ruma Kaksingri East, Gwassi North, Gwassi South, Kaksingri West, Gembe, Kanyikela, Kanyadoto, South Kabuoch, Kosewe, and Kwabwai.

Governor Wanga expressed gratitude for the support, believing it will significantly impact the productivity of local farmers.

The equipment provided, totalling Sh25 million, includes a range of agricultural tools such as animal feeds, vaccines, deworming drugs, and clippers.

The program is specifically designed to address the effects of drought in the region. Dr. K’Ochola highlighted that the distributed equipment, especially animal feeds, is expected to lead to a substantial increase in farm yield.

Research conducted by the First Bridge Foundation indicated that the nutritional values of the feeds can boost farm production, to improve income and nutrition at the household level.

In total, Sh2.5 million kilograms of feeds were distributed, with each farmer receiving five 50kg bags. The recommended daily feeding amount for a single animal is two kilograms, according to Dr. K’Ochola.

The initiative seeks to make a positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers in the region, contributing to increased milk production and overall agricultural productivity.

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