UGANDA – Ugandan dairy company JESA has unveiled its latest product, JESA JUS, a blend of lactose-free dairy and fruit juice.

While lactose-free dairy blends are not new to the Ugandan market, JESA JUS is distinguished as the only locally produced product of its kind.

According to the dairy processor, the new blend is designed to cater to everyone, including those with lactose intolerance, the lactose-free dairy in JESA JUS reduces acidity, resulting in a smoother taste compared to regular juice.

“The product is positioned as a refreshing beverage, ideal for hot days or as a mixer with other beverages. JESA JUS is available in Mango, Cocktail, and Pineapple Coconut flavors,” Jesa said in a LinkedIn Post.

“The packaging, created by Dow Goodfolk, aims to convey a sense of fun and vivacity.”

This product launch comes amid efforts by the Ugandan dairy sector to overcome challenges, including political issues in 2023.

The dairy industry in Uganda plays a significant role in providing income and food for a considerable portion of the population, with a focus on smallholder farmers in rural areas.

The sector has been prioritized by the government for promotion, and dairy production has shown substantial growth, contributing significantly to export earnings.

The Ugandan dairy sector is valued at $3.8 billion, with processed milk exports including UHT milk, whey, powdered milk, and more.

The country has also entered into export deals, including a recent agreement with Algeria for $500 million worth of milk products.

The growth in milk production is attributed to an increase in the number of milk collection centers, reaching over 3.85 billion liters annually with an 11% average annual growth rate.

Exports of dairy products from Uganda have seen increased revenue, reaching UGX 750 billion in 2021. The sector continues to thrive, contributing substantially to the country’s economy and international trade.