SOUTH AFRICA- Woodlands Dairy, a pioneer in sustainable practices within the dairy industry, has introduced a new campaign aimed at simplifying sustainability across Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) dimensions.

The initiative seeks to communicate the company’s tangible efforts to achieve sustainability successes in a clear and easily understandable manner.

Marisa Maccaferri, Marketing Executive of Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, emphasized that sustainability is embedded in the company’s business strategy and corporate values.

“The campaign, named “Truth Tastes Good,” reflects Woodlands Dairy’s commitment to transparency by presenting information about their sustainability journey in a fresh, simple, and relatable manner,” he said.

The company’s dedication to sustainability is evident in various initiatives, including adherence to the Woodlands Dairy Milk Standard, implementation of the SWAN system, adoption of energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and the use of eco-friendly packaging.

“Sustainability is seamlessly woven into our operations. It transcends being a mere pillar; it’s the very essence of our company, it’s in our DNA,” Maccaferri added.

“The campaign encourages consumers to “Taste the Truth” by scanning QR codes on products, leading them to a newly launched website.”

Aimee Taylor, Brand Consultant at HOOLA, explained that the goal is to enlighten consumers about Woodlands Dairy’s sustainability journey and establish a meaningful connection between the company and its brand, First Choice.

He noted that the campaign features an interactive website, developed in collaboration with Impact Studio, showcasing Woodlands Dairy’s commitment to sustainability.

“The site includes a crossword scavenger hunt, strategically hiding animated “Taste the Truth” icons, conveying serious messages in a fun and engaging manner,” he said.

“We openly share both achievements and unmet goals, demonstrating our honesty. The language used is serious yet accessible to all,” Janice Gutsche, CEO of Impact Studio, highlighted.

Maccaferri urged consumers to align their choices with a brand dedicated to a positive impact, emphasizing the shared responsibility for sustainability.

She also highlighted Woodlands Dairy’s Choose to Recycle Campaign, a collaboration with Tetra Pak, Gayatri Paper Mills, and PETCO, educating students on recycling practices.

The company’s sustainability focus includes reducing reliance on fossil fuels, transitioning to renewable sources, minimizing carbon emissions, improving resource management, and implementing waste reduction and responsible disposal practices.

Maccaferri concluded by emphasizing that Woodlands Dairy sees sustainability as an ongoing journey, with a current focus on reducing environmental impact, efficient energy management, and holistic well-being for their team and animals on supplier farms.