UGANDA – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has urged dairy farmers to shift their focus from liquid milk to processed products such as casein and powdered milk in a bid to tap into the lucrative international market.

The President made this appeal during a meeting with dairy farmers from Kazo and Kiruhura districts at Karo Primary School in Nshwere, Kiruhura District.

President Museveni emphasized the potential for longevity and better prices in global markets for processed dairy products.

“Shifting focus from liquid milk to processed products for export is crucial. This is something that you must take seriously,” he said.

Acknowledging Uganda’s annual milk production of 5 billion litres, he stressed the importance of exploring international demand and meeting external market requirements.

He highlighted the cost-effectiveness of exporting processed products like powdered milk compared to the heavier nature of liquid milk.

The President commended past successes in the dairy industry, particularly the transformation achieved by farmers who embraced strategic changes such as zero grazing.

Reflecting on the growth of Uganda’s dairy industry, President Museveni urged farmers to tackle the challenge of insufficient markets for milk products by venturing into international trade.

“I want you to look at the bigger picture which currently is the external market,” he urged the dairy farmers, citing the success of strategic changes in the past.

President Museveni also stressed the importance of value addition in the dairy sector and expressed optimism about scientists’ efforts to develop an anti-tick vaccine, a potential game-changer for livestock health.

He stated that if successful, the vaccine would be officially legalized for public use.

Additionally, the President called on local government officials to play a role in sensitizing communities about environmental protection.

On the other hand, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries, Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, shared positive news about the locally developed anti-tick vaccine, revealing an impressive 88% efficacy based on final trials.

The meeting, attended by various dignitaries, including the Bishop of North Ankole Diocese, Rev. Canon Stephen Namanya, Member of Parliament of Nyabushozi County, Hon. Wilson Kajwengye, and Dairy Development Authority Executive Director Mr. Samson Akankiza, emphasized the importance of aligning the dairy industry with global demands for processed dairy products.