TANZANIA – In a significant development for dairy farmers in Rombo District, Kilimanjaro region, a new milk processing plant and collection center have been inaugurated, promising increased earnings for local milk producers.

The facility, situated in Kondiki village, is poised to process an impressive 8,000 liters of milk daily to meet the demands of both the local market and beyond.

The establishment of the milk collection center, capable of purchasing 15,000 liters monthly or 5,000 liters daily from dairy cattle, is expected to be a game-changer for the 1,294 families of dairy cattle keepers in the area.

The center is set to provide a reliable market, paying farmers TSh 800 for each liter of milk, providing a significant boost to their income.

Adrian Kimaro, the plant manager, emphasized the need for extension officers to guide dairy cattle keepers in adopting modern animal husbandry practices to enhance milk yields.

He noted that despite owning substantial numbers of dairy cows, many farmers were experiencing low milk yields, hindering their profitability.

Investor Robert Schozderk, a passionate advocate for the sector from Poland, is credited with the establishment of the milk processing plant.

Schozderk has actively encouraged Kilimanjaro’s milk producers to form associations, promoting a unified voice and facilitating collective benefits.

His involvement includes training sessions for dairy cattle keepers on modern animal husbandry practices.

The newly opened milk collection center is expected to alleviate challenges faced by local dairy farmers. Edward Massawe, a Rombo District dairy farmer, expressed relief at having a local market, highlighting that previously, some farmers were compelled to sell their milk across the border in Kenya due to the absence of a reliable local market.

Efforts are underway to address challenges faced by dairy farmers, including the formation of associations to maximize resources and establish reliable markets.

Amalia Mramba, another dairy farmer, urged full support for local milk producers and prospective investors in the sector.

The Kondiki milk plant is anticipated to become a major collection center for milk, further strengthening the local dairy industry.

With these developments, Rombo District’s dairy sector is poised for growth, offering improved livelihoods for dairy farmers and contributing to the economic development of the region.