UGANDA – Fresh Dairy, a leading dairy producer, has unveiled a revamped look for its flavoured milk, catering to the evolving needs and tastes of its consumers.

The company has introduced a new packaging design and a slim pack addition for its flavoured milk products. The move aims to make the products easily recognizable on store shelves and fridges.

 “As part of a move to make our products easy to recognize off display shelves and fridges, Fresh Dairy has adopted a harmonized look for not only our flavoured milk but all our other products such as ghee, butter, long-life UHT milk, and flavoured yoghurt,” Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager at Fresh Dairy, explained.

“The new flavoured milk slim pack is designed to be easy to hold, sleek, and trendy, catering to modern and style-conscious customers. Fresh Dairy’s flavoured milk comes in three flavors – Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate – and is available in two carton options (24 and 12 pack cartons) and two pack sizes (500ml and 250ml).”

Omoth urged families to stock up on Fresh Dairy’s flavoured milk for quick refreshment during the Christmas holiday.

He emphasized the company’s commitment to working with both small and large farmers, sourcing 100% Ugandan milk for its products, and contributing to the livelihoods of local farmers.

Fresh Dairy’s flavoured milk is widely available across the country, including in shops, duukas, supermarkets, kiosks, and through tricycle agents.

This announcement comes after Fresh Dairy’s earlier initiative, the ‘1-Yoghurt-A-Day’ campaign, which encourages the consumption of yoghurt for its health benefits.

Vincent Omoth highlighted the importance of exposing children to healthy foods like yoghurt, and promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Fresh Dairy, since 2019, has been a sponsor of the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) ball games, supporting the championship with cash, jerseys, and dairy products.

Vincent Omoth emphasized Fresh Dairy’s belief in the complete development of individuals, including health, sports, and academia.

The company’s commitment to nutrition as a key factor in nurturing talent was evident during the recent USSSA games in Mbarara city, Western Uganda, where Omoth led the Fresh Dairy team in supporting various sports disciplines.