EUROPE – European dairy cooperative Arla Foods and Solinest have entered into a strategic partnership to introduce two new dairy brands, Arla Skyr and Arla Protein, in the competitive French market.

The collaboration is aimed at capitalizing on the growing consumer interest in the functional health dairy category in one of Europe’s largest dairy markets.

Arla Skyr and Arla Protein have experienced success in various European markets, and this partnership with Solinest is viewed as a key step to accelerate Arla’s strategic presence in France.

The long-term agreement involves Arla Foods producing the products at its dairies in Northern Europe, while Solinest utilizes its extensive sales force to distribute them across the country, covering 99% of retail outlets.

“Collaborating with a partner as respected as Solinest is key to achieving this, and I look forward to a successful partnership,” Peter Giørtz-Carlsen, Executive Vice President and Head of Arla’s European business, stated.

Additionally, Solinest’s CEO, Bertrand Jacoberger, expressed optimism about the addition of these strong brands to their portfolio, recognizing the growing consumer interest in the functional health category.

“The dairy protein category has been witnessing rapid growth globally, with a 15% to 20% increase per year. In France, the demand for dairy products supporting functional health is growing at an impressive rate of 20% annually,” he said.

“Arla Protein, a part of this burgeoning category, has experienced a growth rate of over 50% compared to the previous year, with a projected total revenue exceeding €100 million for 2023.”

Arla Foods, despite the competitive landscape in France, where industry giants like Lactalis and Danone operate, has been performing well, with revenue reaching €42 million in 2022.

Profura Acquires Framptons, a UK-Based Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Meanwhile, Profura, through its subsidiary Provator, has acquired Framptons, a British food and beverage company known for its oat drink production.

Provator, focusing on investing in companies with financial difficulties but a healthy core business and high growth potential, sees Framptons as a strategic addition to its portfolio.

Established in 1898, Framptons has a rich history in processing and packaging eggs, dairy, and plant-based products, including oat milk.

The company is committed to sustainability, with a minimal waste-to-landfill scheme and high rates of waste recycling on-site. The acquisition is part of Profura’s strategy to invest in businesses with growth potential and a commitment to sustainability.

The newly formed board consists of members from both Profura and Framptons, aiming to leverage their combined expertise to drive positive changes and growth in Framptons.

Bernt Ivarsson, owner of the Profura group, expressed optimism about the acquisition, emphasizing their commitment to building on Framptons’ legacy and ensuring its continued presence as a community pillar and employer in Shepton Mallet, UK.