FRANCE- Fromagerie Milleret, a renowned cheese producer, has collaborated with Amcor to introduce eco-friendly packaging for two of its premium cheeses – Le Baron Brie and l’Ortolan Bio.

The packaging innovation involves the use of Amcor’s AmFiber Matrix breathable wrap, a recycle-ready material designed to enhance recyclability while preserving the quality of the cheeses.

According to the company, the AmFiber Matrix wrap is crafted for easy recycling within existing paper streams, addressing environmental concerns associated with traditional cheese packaging.

“Notably, it provides control over moisture levels, regulating air exchange to prevent sogginess, while avoiding excessive porousness that may lead to dryness. This ensures an optimal balance, maintaining the texture and flavour of the cheeses.”

On the other hand, according to Amcor’s ASSET Life Cycle Assessment, the new packaging reduces water consumption by an impressive 53% compared to the previous design.

“The eco-friendly packaging not only benefits the ripening process but also aligns with consumer preferences for natural dairy products in paper packaging.”

Laura Delapeyronnie, Marketing Manager Dairy at Amcor, highlighted consumer expectations, stating that 84% of European consumers actively seek recycling instructions on packaged products, while 60% say that recyclability instructions and sustainability logos positively influence their purchase decision.

The breathable nature of the packaging addresses concerns about the shelf-life of dairy products and food waste.

Laura noted that it will allow producers to control moisture levels, contributing to a favourable cheese texture both in stores and at home. Additionally, the packaging is versatile, allowing for various shapes, colours, and sizes.

The partnership between Fromagerie Milleret and Amcor spans over thirty years, combining expertise in soft cheese production with a commitment to sustainable packaging.

“Our long-standing partnership with Amcor to produce more sustainable soft cheese packaging reinforces our shared commitment to achieving full recyclability for all our dairy products,” Chloé Petit, Export Manager at Fromagerie Milleret, said emphasizing the company’s dedication to sustainability.

This move towards sustainable packaging is in line with a growing trend in the food industry to address environmental concerns and meet consumer demands for eco-friendly choices.

“The collaboration between Fromagerie Milleret and Amcor serves as a testament to the industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and embracing innovative solutions for a greener future.”

As the initiative gains traction, other players in the food packaging industry may follow suit, contributing to a broader shift towards sustainable practices in the global food and beverage sector.