USA – Kraft Heinz has embarked on a plant-based journey with the launch of Kraft NotMac&Cheese, a collaborative effort with Chile-based NotCo.

This marks a significant milestone as the iconic Mac & Cheese brand introduces its inaugural plant-based offering in the United States, adding to the array of plant-based innovations emerging from this strategic partnership.

The plant-based Kraft Mac & Cheese, available in Original and White Cheddar flavors, is set to hit store shelves this week.

Following the success of plant-based versions of sliced cheese and mayonnaise introduced within the past year, this latest product underscores the commitment of Kraft Heinz to cater to the evolving preferences of consumers.

Established in 2022, the joint venture leverages Kraft Heinz’s extensive brand recognition and portfolio, coupled with NotCo’s expertise in using artificial intelligence to reimagine traditional food products with plant-based ingredients.

Kraft NotMac & Cheese aims to address challenges observed in the plant-based mac and cheese category, particularly related to taste and texture, factors that influence repeat purchases according to Numerator.

The sauce of this plant-based offering incorporates ingredients like fava bean protein and coconut oil powder, ensuring a comparable taste, appearance, and feel to traditional mac & cheese.

Additionally, the product boasts the absence of artificial dyes, aligning with the growing demand for cleaner ingredient labels.

As Kraft Heinz sells over a million boxes of its signature Mac & Cheese with dairy every day, the introduction of a non-dairy option positions the company strategically amidst shifting consumer preferences.

Lucho Lopez-May, CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, expresses confidence in delivering a plant-based version that mirrors the beloved original, allowing consumers to enjoy the creamy and comforting experience without significant changes to their eating habits.

The collaboration with NotCo represented a key component of Kraft Heinz’s strategy to venture into the non-dairy arena while maintaining the familiarity and appeal of its well-established brands.

The joint venture, expected to continue scaling across seven categories, anticipates further international expansion in 2024.

Kraft NotMac & Cheese acknowledged the challenges faced by the plant-based food industry and aims to provide a compelling alternative for consumers seeking a dairy-free option.

With a strong focus on taste, quality, and consumer satisfaction, Kraft Heinz continues to position itself at the forefront of the evolving food landscape, offering innovative and sustainable choices to meet the changing demands of today’s discerning consumers.