SINGAPORE – Turtle Tree, a leader in precision fermentation technology, has successfully entered the US market with LF+, the world’s first plant-based lactoferrin, following its self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status.

This achievement positions LF+ as a versatile ingredient for plant-based milk, food, and beverages, aiming to revolutionize the lactoferrin market.

Dr. Vanessa Castagna, Turtle Tree’s Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs, stated that having secured self-GRAS validation from a panel of experts, LF+ is now available for sale in the US.

“LF+ is offered as a versatile food ingredient, suitable for incorporation into dairy and non-dairy products, sports and functional foods, beverages, and confectionery,” he said.

Turtle Tree plans to launch LF+ as a supplement ingredient in early 2024.

Dr. Vanessa added that the formulation, featuring fermentation-derived lactoferrin and beneficial yeast prebiotics, will provide a direct alternative to cow’s milk-derived lactoferrin.

He also noted that the company anticipates sales of US$500 million worth of LF+ over the next five years, reflecting strong market interest and potential partnerships.

“LF+ aims to address the current lactoferrin shortage by fortifying the US$35 billion plant-based milk market, focusing on nutritional gaps and enhancing functional aspects,” he noted.

“The ingredient caters to the demand for functional food and beverages, targeting athletes, women, the elderly, and the general consumer in a market predicted to be worth US$533 billion by 2030.”

Turtle Tree’s plant-based lactoferrin stands out for its environmental sustainability benefits. The precision fermentation technology replaces traditional methods, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 91%.

Additionally, LF+ offers a reliable supply of lactoferrin for everyone, including those on a vegan diet, who previously had no access to these high-value ingredients.

Dr. Castagna emphasized the multifunctional benefits of lactoferrin, actively impacting gut health, iron regulation, and immunity.

“The tightly regulated and reproducible production process ensures minimal bioactivity variation, distinguishing LF+ from cow’s milk-derived lactoferrin,” he said.

“Fermentation-derived lactoferrin closely matches the structure, function, and bioavailability of lactoferrin from cow’s milk. Making lactoferrin with microbes ensures a consistent supply of this powerful functional protein.”

Meanwhile, Turtle Tree sees the commercialization of plant-based lactoferrin as a stepping stone towards making sustainable and health-conscious choices accessible to a broader audience.

With its cost-effective approach and innovative solutions, Turtle Tree is set to reshape the lactoferrin market and contribute to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives in the food and beverage industry.