FINLAND – Finnish dairy leader Valio has introduced a new milk protein concentrate (MPC), Valio Eila MPC 65, aimed at enhancing the taste and texture of high-protein products.

Leveraging Valio’s expertise in lactose-free milk protein development, the new concentrate caters to the demand for better-tasting and healthier protein-enriched foods in the global market.

According to the company, Valio Eila MPC 65 addresses a common challenge in the competitive field of protein-enriched foods—ensuring that the flavour and texture of the end products meet consumer expectations.

“The product is lactose-free, enhancing digestive comfort, and is designed to elevate the quality of protein puddings, shakes, ice creams, and beverages.”

Sinikka Saikkonen, Business Development Manager at Valio, highlighted the importance of meeting consumer expectations for both nutritional value and taste, stating that consumers leading an active lifestyle want excellent nutritional value without compromising on the taste.

“We needed a product that has all the benefits of milk’s natural whey and casein proteins and amino acids, and none of the taste and texture problems usually associated with high-protein powders,” he noted.

“Valio Eila MPC 65 is positioned as a solution for manufacturers seeking to create a versatile selection of lactose-free, high-protein products that taste like fresh milk and possess the texture of traditional snacks and treats.”

Jarna Tanskanen, Business Manager at Valio, emphasized the product’s potential as a game-changer in the protein-enriched products sector.

He highlighted that Valio Eila MPC 65 allows manufacturers to avoid adding extra ingredients to mask the flavour, contributing to a shorter ingredients list meeting a preference among consumers for simpler formulations.

“The new protein product portfolio from Valio is tailored for manufacturers aiming to meet the growing consumer demand for high-protein, lactose-free, and great-tasting snacking products.”

He added that Valio Eila MPC 65 is expected to facilitate the creation of a variety of products, including ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, shakes, yoghurts, puddings, desserts, and ice cream.

Valio’s powdered ingredients are positioned as versatile and suitable for various processes, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to streamline production processes without additional steps typically associated with higher protein and lower lactose contents.

“Valio’s powdered ingredients are suitable for versatile processes. You can make UHT products such as RTD beverages and shakes, fermented products such as spoonable and drinkable yoghurts, neutral products like puddings and desserts, or even ice cream. And they will all taste great and have a pleasant texture,” Saikkonen stated.