LONDON – Givaudan, a global flavor and fragrance company, is harnessing digital technologies to reshape and customize flavor profiles in the rapidly evolving alt-dairy industry.

As consumer behaviours and preferences continue to shift, Givaudan is exploring the future of dairy alternatives, predicting trends, and enhancing the taste and experience of plant-based products.

Speaking at the Plant Based World Expo Europe, Igor Parshin, the global marketing manager for Plant Attitude & Beyond Experience at Givaudan, highlighted the significance of the dairy alternatives category within the company’s focus.

He emphasized Givaudan’s commitment to innovation in flavor and taste for plant-based dairy alternatives, particularly in desserts.

“Givaudan’s approach involves exploring taste modulation, flavor masking, and finding the right flavor profile for specific plant-protein bases,” he added.

Meanwhile, he also noted that the company has established Protein Hubs globally, with the most recent one opening in Sao Paulo, Brazil, two weeks ago.

“These hubs serve as centers for innovation, driving the development of plant-based proteins and alternative proteins. Anticipating food trends and bringing insights into the future is a crucial aspect of Givaudan’s strategy.”

He added that the company aims to be ready for the dynamic changes in the alt-dairy market, ensuring that its solutions align with consumer expectations.

At the Plant Based World Expo in London, Givaudan showcased a soft-serve ice cream innovation made with pea protein and coconut.

Parshin explained that creating a good texture and taste in plant-based dairy alternatives is vital for their success.

Givaudan also introduced the concept of AromaSniff, a digital tool that allows consumers to adapt and tailor aromas immediately using a smartphone application.

Felicity Law, UK CSI manager at Givaudan, explained how AromaSniff can assist in all stages of development, from exploring new possibilities in focus groups to fine-tuning recipes based on consumer preferences.

The digital concept enables users to instantly change aroma profiles, enhancing the overall sensory experience of products,” he highlighted.

“Givaudan’s proactive approach involves utilizing digital and AI technologies to predict future trends and challenges.”

Meanwhile, the company recently partnered with Synthesis, an open data intelligence agency, to anticipate future scenarios and prepare for industry challenges.

The collaboration between Givaudan and Synthesis underscored the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the alt-dairy industry, ensuring that its flavor innovations align with evolving consumer values and preferences.