DENMARK – Danish company Procudan has unveiled an industry-first paraffin-free cheese wax known as ProCera Natural, setting a new standard in sustainable cheese packaging.

The innovative cheese wax is formulated to overcome the limitations of traditional beeswax-based waxes, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

ProCera Natural has been developed through a patented formulation that incorporates natural materials, including beeswax and undisclosed ingredients, to provide the required level of pliability and strength.

Unlike traditional cheese waxes that contain fossil raw materials like paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, ProCera Natural offers an alternative that is both effective and sustainable.

Traditional beeswax-based waxes have limitations, including brittleness and cracking, which have made paraffin-based waxes the preferred choice for many.

However, ProCera Natural successfully overcomes these limitations, offering a more eco-friendly alternative for cheese wax.

The development of ProCera Natural was a six-year project, initiated in 2017 and carried out in collaboration with some of Europe’s largest dairies.

The Danish Technological Institute served as the scientific partner, and support was provided by the European Eurostars innovation program and the Innovation Fund Denmark InnoBooster program.

The project also involved experts from various universities to develop the natural cheese wax and new testing methods.

ProCera Natural can fulfil all traditional functions of cheese wax, including cheese maturation, protection during transport, and retail packaging.

Its introduction aligns with the growing demand for more sustainable packaging solutions in the dairy industry.

The sustainability trend in packaging has been on the rise, and ProCera Natural offers a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cheese wax.

The innovative product not only serves its intended purposes but also aligns with the broader sustainability goals of the food industry.

Procudan stated that the demand for such a product has been growing, with dairies seeking more sustainable packaging solutions.

The company emphasized that ProCera Natural can be actively marketed as a sustainable packaging choice, aligning with the sustainability megatrend in the food industry.

The development of ProCera Natural involved close cooperation with customers, ensuring that the product met their requirements and worked effectively in actual production.

More than 5,000 different formulations were tested to create prototypes and variants that could address various customer needs.

ProCera Natural is now available for manufacturing and supply on a global scale, offering a sustainable and innovative solution for cheese packaging and protection.